Ace Your Phone Interview With These Simple Steps!

You saw a job you really wanted, and you applied for it. You sent in your updated resume and a cover letter. Now what?

Well, if you’ve applied with a large company, chances are you’re going to be scheduled for a phone interview soon.

Don’t panic! This isn’t a way to brush you off from a chance at a real interview. In fact, it’s an easier way for companies to screen applicants and find really potential candidates. That can be you!

Phone interviews are standard nowadays. Follow these steps before, during, and after the phone interview to ace the screening and make you the best candidate for the position.

Step 1: Do Your Homework

You need to thoroughly research the company before you have your scheduled phone interview. Learn about their background, mission, and culture. Look up any recent news about them.

You also need to familiarize yourself with the job description. Make sure you understand what’s expected of you in the role, and whether your qualifications make you fit for the job. Write it all down on a cheat sheet if need be, so you can refer to the quick highlights during the phone call.

Step 2: Seek A Quiet Space

The best way to come off as professionally as possible during a phone interview is by finding a quiet space free of distractions. That way, the recruiter knows you are giving them your undivided attention and you care to maintain professionalism at all times.

Speak clearly and avoid casual language during your call.

Step 3: Listen Before Speaking

Once the phone call starts, the recruiter may spend some time talking to you about the company and the position. Never interrupt them. In fact, after they are done talking, you should wait a few seconds before you respond. It’s seen as common courtesy and will help you gain favor with the recruiter.

The recruiter may interrupt you at times, but you must let them. Maintain patience so you don’t break any professional standards.

Step 4: Stay Positive

Always speak with a smile. You may not think this has much of an impact over the phone, but it really does. Always speak with enthusiasm, describing your passion for the job and this career. You can highlight your relevant skills and work experiences by focusing on the productive aspects of your resume. Never talk badly about a previous employer or coworker.

Step 5: Say Thank You

Always end the phone call on a happy note, thanking the recruiter for their time. Ask if they have any more questions for you before you hang up, and let them know you are excited to speak to them in person. This will look good when compared to candidates who are clueless or ungrateful.

You might also want to send a follow-up email after your phone call has ended. Message the recruiter and thank them again for their time, letting them know you are still interested in the job and you look forward to hearing back from the company.